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Our Homeschool Room Tour 2016

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Expa Hi everyone! As most of you know, we’ve moved our school room to the basement, and so today I’m sharing our updated homeschool room tour with you! I want to start off by saying that you by no means need to have a dedicated “classroom” in order to homeschool. You can literally homeschool anywhere you have space, or wherever…

Homemade Reading Bench Tutorial

Jacket Jacket Koi Pluto Positron Rab Rab Pluto Koi Positron Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying this week’s iHomeschool Network Back-ToSchool Blog Hop! Today I’m going to share the details on how I made our really easy homemade reading nook! Okay, not the bench part, but the cushion at least!   Remember that left over peg board from my desk stabilizing efforts? Well, I convinced my husband to cut…

Our Homeschool Room 2010-2011

Ack! Ok everyone, I’m just trying to keep it real here and show you what kind of disaster occurred to my beloved school room over the summer. The kids playing in here definitely took its toll and I was procrastinating even going in there! But fear not, this is definitely the BEFORE picture! And after several hours complete madness one…

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